Domino’s S’pore Sent Pizza to Pizza Hut for Val’s Day & Pizza Hut Sportingly Replied

Image: Facebook (Domino's Pizza - Singapore & Pizza Hut)

Two of Singapore’s most renowned Pizza chains made love-ly comments to each other one day before 14 February.

Just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, no less.

I’m sorry Canadian Pizza, you ain’t one of the two, because you are 2-for-1 and can help yourself right?

The Post by Domino’s Pizza

On 13 February 2019, at 5:38 p.m., Domino’s uploaded a Facebook Post with the caption:

Hey Pizza Hut, we both eat pizza, live pizza and breathe pizza, so we obviously love pizzas! From one pizza lover to another, here’s a gift from the bottom of our hearts
#HappyEveryoneValentinesDay #MakeLoveNotWar

…alongside this photo:

Image: Facebook/Domino’s Pizza

If you can’t read the squiggly words, here goes:

“Dear Pizza Hut,

Things may be a little cold between us, but we want to fix it. Here’s a little something to warm your Valentine’s Day.


A nice touch, no doubt though a hopeful marketing gimmick waiting for netizens and Pizza Hut (maybe) to catch on.

Image: Facebook/Domino’s Pizza

Subsequent Responses

Four hours and 54 minutes later, Pizza Hut posted a reply at 10:32 p.m. on the same day. Dear Domino’s Pizza – Singapore, indeed, things shouldn’t be so cold at all. Here’s a little something to warm your Valentine’s Day. Much love — you’ll always have a pizz-a our heart

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