A Trick to Remove Sticker or Price Tag Residues Within Seconds

Image: Feng Yu / Shutterstock.com

If you’re a parent dealing with children, you know the aftermath of having stickers for your children to play with. Your darling kids get them pasted around the house.

Or if you’re one of those super fussy people that can’t stand the white residue that gets left behind when you tear the price tag off things (URGH), this is the article for you.

Here is one effective way to remove sticker residues in SECONDS.

And it works like magic because I’ve tried.

The Trick That’s Easy AF

Peeling the sticker away bit by bit is tough as heck.

Often times, nails alone just doesn’t do the trick because price tag stickers can be super huge and super sticky (when the sticker has been stuck for a long time under heat), and you need stronger chemicals.

Many people resort to vinegar, oil, or even erasers on windows and smooth surfaces just to get rid of the residues.

Oil can be a useful substance to get rid of sticker residues, but some sticker residues are just damn hard to scrape off from a surface.

Insecticide, the Perfect Trick

All you need to do is use any bug spray, note – not insect repellent, but baygon-kind, and spray it on the surface the residue is on. Apply it generously, meaning not just a short spray, but hold on to the nozzle for about 5 seconds, going over the surface thoroughly, ensuring the entire area is covered.

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