All Recruits Will Be Learning About Fake News During BMT

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Satire might be a parodical, even comical, take on fake news…


But the fact’s that fake news is anything but funny.

It’s more than capable of destroying lives and societies.

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And perhaps that’s why Singapore’s latest move makes so much sense:

Only by educating our own citizens about deliberate online falsehoods, and how to tackle them, can Singapore truly progress as a nation.

All Recruits Must Learn About Fake News During BMT

According to Senior Minister of State for Defence Maliki Osman, who spoke in parliament on 1 March, all recruits going through basic military training will now have to attend an information literacy workshop to teach them how to cope with fake news and deliberate online falsehoods.

Kind of remind you of those lectures whereby recruits are placed in an air-conditioned lecture room after a heavy lunch. It doesn’t help that they most likely have just run 10 km in the morning.

(Just like spotting fake news, they’ll have to keep their eyes open during the lecture)

In his speech, Dr Maliki stressed the need for digital defence, which was incidentally incorporated into the Total Defence Framework last month.

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Stating that it’s the age of the Internet and social media, he expressed how the resilience of Singaporeans will be tested during digital attacks, as seen in Singapore and other countries. He also noted the serious consequences adopted as a result of incapability.

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