Ang Mo Kio Farm On Top of HDB Carpark Expected To Feed 1,600 S’poreans Per Month

Image: Citiponics

Ah… the good old days. When I was younger, Singapore used to have our own farms. Now, everything has to be imported, even our food!”

“But Ah Ma… Singapore does have our own farms.”

“But how? We don’t even have enough space!”

Which is why we have to get creative, and that’s exactly what Citiponics did.

What’s Citiponics?

Citiponics Pte. Ltd. is a local agricultural startup which aims to grow organic leafy greens in tight urban spaces sustainably.

In particular, they specialise in vertical and rooftop farms. Their sustainable farms have taken root in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Citiponics @ Ang Mo Kio

Citiponics began planting vegetables at their latest big project, Citiponics Farm @ Ang Mo Kio last month.

Within weeks, the farm, which is situated on an HDB multi-storey car park at Block 700 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, is expected to produce enough to feed 1,600 Singaporeans a month.

Yeah, we’re literally talking about a farm atop an HDB.

How Does it Work?

Image: Citiponics

Citiponics @ Ang Mo Kio uses Citiponic’s core technology, the Aqua-Organic System (AOS).

In the AOS, veggies are grown on lightweight frames that allow a lot of them to be grown in a small space. A constant stream of water and nutrients are fed to the vegetables through a series of pipes.

The nutrients are carefully calibrated, which ensures minimum waste.

The pipes Citiponics uses have holes cut into them, creating pockets, which are filled with tiny clay pebbles, the growing medium used for the plants. Seeds are placed among the pebbles.

All produce from the AOS system are certified pesticide-free…though we can’t confirm if a pest like BuffLord95 would go up to the roof and steal some vegetables #justsaying

Is it the Same as Hydroponics?

Image: Citiponics

Although both the AOS and hydroponics are soil-free farming methods, Citiponics uses 1/10th of the water hydroponics uses.

Also, the water in the AOS is constantly in motion, compared to the stagnant water in hydroponics. Hence, mosquitoes won’t be a problem here.

What Veggies Are We Talking About?

Citiponics @ Ang Mo Kio is expected to grow up to 25 different kinds of vegetables, including cai xin, nai bai and kai lan.

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