3-Month-Old Puppy Dies After Having 46 Undigested Bones Removed From Stomach

Image: Sacramento SPCA Facebook

What a cute little puppy! Come, let’s give him some of our food!”

“Here, I have chicken, I’ll throw him some.”

“Aww… look! He’s really enjoying it. In fact, he’s already asking for more!”

How many of us are guilty of the above?

Answer: probably nearly everyone, at some point or another.

I mean, dogs are really cute. And being the benevolent, loving people we are, we just can’t help our hearts from melting when they sit at our feet with their puppy dog eyes begging for food.

… in the process ignoring the advice veterinarians have been giving us for ever: Do not share human food with our four-legged best friends. It’s really bad for them!

And as any responsible pet owner would tell you, this not only includes deliberately feeding them, but ensuring that they have no unintentional access to human food at all.

Well guess what?

Yet another innocent puppy has fallen prey to owners who did not heed this advice.

3-Month-Old Puppy That Swallowed Bones

Recently, a 3 month old puppy died after swallowing nearly 50 bone pieces.

Here he is:

Image: Sacramento SPCA Facebook

*heart breaks*

Don’t Want to Pay, so Just Abandon

This case occured in Sacramento, United States, when the 2.7kg puppy was brought to a private veterinary clinic by its owners, who were feeling worried after the puppy became sluggish. It isn’t clear if they couldn’t or didn’t want to pay for the treatment. In any case, they surrendered the puppy to the clinic, who took it to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

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