Jewel Changi Airport to open on 17 April 2019; Preview for S’pore Residents from 11 April 2019

Image: Safdie Architecture

Changi Airport has been going through a lot of pressure lately…

I mean, that’s how you turn stones into a jewel diamond right?

*cricket sounds*

OK, moving on…

Jewel Changi Airport to Open on 17 April

After countless days of speculation from the various news agency and their grandmothers, the much-anticipated Jewel Changi Airport is announced to open their doors to the public on the 17 April 2019.

I know they call it a Jewel but is anyone with me when I say it looks like a glassy bagel?

Image: Safdie Architecture

All jokes aside, no one can deny how aesthetically pleasing this art piece is.

Both on the inside and outside.

Green City

According to an interview with the Straits Times, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin (Potong Pasir), chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport, said:

“I must confess that before I visited the Jewel in early February this year, I had my doubts about the need for yet another shopping area at Changi Airport, given the shopping opportunities already available at the existing terminals.

“Instead, what I found was a beautifully designed garden concept recreational centre which complements the existing airport and exemplifies our position as a garden city. It will also create many job opportunities for Singaporeans.”

Like how I hope most individuals to be like, the inside packs a bigger punch than the outside.

Image: Giphy

Everyone is Invited

Before the opening, a public preview will be held from 11 to 16 April for Singapore residents (i.e. people who live in Singapore and not tourists) eager to be among the first to see the 10-storey development. So if you’re feeling kiasu, do register online at Registration opens at exactly 6:00 a.m. on 12 March 2019, and each person can register for up to four people.

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