Statistics Show That Booking Flights on Sunday & Hotels on Friday Are The Cheapest for Trips in Asia

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Well, after months and months of deliberation, I finally stumbled upon the perfect topic to breach upon for my virgin SSS article. And objectively speaking, what better way to feel good than to read up some tips and tricks on how to get them flights and accommodation…

For cheap?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your seatbelts and grab your popcorn…

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Travel Tips That You Simply Gotta Know About (Or You’ll Lose A Lot Of Money)

According to TODAYonline, a 2019 pricing outlook report by travel companies Expedia Group and Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) has revealed some pretty interesting insights, one of which happens to be the notion that…

Flights and accommodation in the Asia-Pacific may actually cost less if booked on certain days.

And before you doubt my source, just know that the report derived average air ticket prices for flight-booking days and departure days from data on over 295 million passenger trips from October 2017 to September 2018. As for the accommodation data, it was prised from 19 booking sites with over 895,000 properties worldwide.

Trustworthy enough? Well, let’s head on to the juicy deets.

Book flights on a Sunday

Apparently, by booking flights on a Sunday, Asia-Pacific travellers can actually save up to 32 per cent on economy fares, and up to 52 per cent on premium fares. For Singaporean travellers in general, booking flights on a Sunday can conserve up to 18 per cent on Economy class, and up to 52 per cent on premium class.

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