Chow Yun Fat Personally Visits Struggling Single Mum’s Chee Cheong Fun Stall in HK

Image: Mothership.SG

I‘m sure you know who Chow Yun Fat is, so I’ll just skip the intro—

“Who’s that?” asked Catty94

“Who’re you calling fat?” XiaoBeach73 demanded.

“Chow ni ma ah!” Booz89 slammed my table.

I looked at them. “You guys for real?”

Chow Yun Fat

For those unaware, Chow Yun Fatt is a mega movie star hailing from Hong Kong.

Image: Famous Biographies

Known for his charitability, the star has expressed his wish of donating his entire fortune to Charity after he passes on. And it’s no small sum either, as he’s rumoured to be valued at HK$5.6 billion (approximately S$981 million).

He’s also known for his frugality as well, having cultivated a habit of eating at street stalls, adopting simple and affordable clothing as well as taking public transport.

Image: Huo Tu Wang

He’s pretty sporting as well, entertaining “selfie requests” from fans while out on his way.

Image: Hua Yu Xin Xian Shi

Truly, he’s a star in his own right. Not unlike Keanu Reeves.

Image: Wereblog

Okay kidding, the One is also very one kind.

That’s not all either

Apart from his good looks, solid acting abilities, charitability and frugality, it seems that Chow’s also known for one thing: His willingness to help people in need.

As mentioned above, Chow has a knack for eating at street stalls despite his massive wealth, and one of these stalls happens to be that of Wang Lili, a widow with two sons.

Image: HK01

Selling steamed rice noodles to support two sons

Lest you’re wondering, Wang hasn’t always enjoyed bevvies of long queues, all waiting to sample her Chow-approved delicacies. In fact, it’s not even close. A seller of steamed rice noodles, or chee cheong fun at Tai Po, Wang first started out after her husband’s death in 2013, borrowing HK$100,000 (approximately S$17,300) from her family to open a stall.

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