Transparent Coke To Be Sold At All 7-Eleven Stores in S’pore ‘Soon’


Recently, there has been a real thirst for all things transparent: milk tea, lemon tea, beer, underwear, etc. etc.

And the transparent coke’s no different. In fact, people positively dig it.

But there’s just one slight drawback:

It was only available in Japan.

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Yeah, you didn’t read wrong. It WAS only available in Japan. Until good old 7-11 delivered some good news to our doorstep.

Image: 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook Page
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Heading to Singapore shores

While there’s no clear importation date indicated, one thing’s clear. It will hit the shelves of all 7-11 stores in the near future.

Image: 7elevensg Instagram Page

And damn if I’m not excited, seeing how the transparent coke is so… well… transparent.

First released on 11 June in Japan, the drink promised something different from your usual Coca-Cola fare, as well as a hint of lemon.

Image: Coca Cola Japan Twitter


According to reviews, the transparent Coca-Cola tastes just like the original, except with an acquired lemony aftertaste. And video reviews weren’t adverse either.

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