Starbucks Barista Shares Secret Recipe For White Rabbit Candy Drink & Thai Milk Tea

Image: Instagram

Caffeine: the first thing all adults need to kick start the morning. To put things into perspective, it’s like the makeup most girls live by.

In my younger days, I rarely visited Starbucks because it was obviously a luxury product, even much so for a kid like me who orders chocolate-based drinks.

But when I do visit, I’d always request for a Tall-sized drink simply because the letter “e” at the end of Grande scared me. Tried it once and received giggles from the cashier. Not cool, sis.

But things took a turn when I knew of Ariana Grande because other than teaching me about love, patience and pain, she taught me how to pronounce her last name. And for that I say… Thank you, Ari.

So…how in the world can Starbucks, a fancy coffee establishment with a global presence be associated with sweet treats from Asia?

It’s actually possible with a little magic so read on if you’re feeling extra boujee and Asian today.

A Starbucks Barista, Christy Lee, from Toronto shared the secret recipes for drinks like White Rabbit Candy Frappe and Thai Milk Tea.

Because sharing is caring, right?

And viral it went.

White Rabbit Candy

Image: Pinterest

Does this ring a bell?

For a longer trip down memory lane, check out our previous write-up here.

The childhood favourite, White Rabbit candy (大白兔奶糖) that can unite a nation originated from China in 1943.

Image: VCG
Image: shanghaiist

To help you understand the extent of its popularity, the white rabbit candy has had variations in ice cream and lip balm launched in Los Angeles and Shanghai respectively.

And don’t get me started on the adorable bolster dressed like the sweet, available on Taobao.


Anywho, here’s the moment of truth.

Image: whatthechristy
According to Christy on her Instagram, the White Rabbit Candy Frappe is achieved with two simple ingredients from Starbucks:

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