S’poreans Are Trollingly Petitioning To Ban Maroon 5 & Man United From Visiting S’pore

Image: change.org

Are you a fan of the English band, Maroon 5?

Or maybe, you’re a soccer fan (who’s a glory hound) and has supported Man United for decades?

Whichever you are, here’s one thing you need to know.

Singaporeans are now signing petitions to ban both Maroon 5 and Man United from coming to Singapore.

Maroon 5

Image: change.org

On 9 Mar 2019, a user by the name of Tay Koh Song (teh kosong, please) started a petition to ban Maroon 5 from coming back to Singapore to perform.

And the reason?

The youths of Singapore might get undesired ideas after hearing them perform.

Especially one of their songs, Sugar.

The petition starter is afraid that youths will consume more sugar after listening to lyrics like “sugar, yes please”.

So far, 622 Singaporeans have signed the petition.

Manchester United

On the same day, user Anonymous Anon started up a petition to ban Manchester United from coming to Singapore.

Image: change.org

They were supposed to come to Singapore in July this year for the International Champions Cup (ICC).

Apparently, the club’s logo of a red devil with an open mouth isn’t something acceptable in Singapore.

The petition read

Obviously, with an intent to spread their influence in Asia with Singapore as a platform, this group called The Red Devils from Manchester is not welcomed. We shudder to imagine the kind of negativity they bring with them.

Surprisingly, there were 288 signatures in 12 hours.

Probably a Troll?

If you’ve read through the article, you’ll be wondering: what the hell?! And we agree. But if you were to step back and take a look at other incidents, these two petitions could be a troll.

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