Mom Allegedly Beat Up 12-Year-Old Son & Abandoned Him For Scoring Only 81 On His Exam

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Bsian is actually a thing. On Urban Dictionary at least.

It comes with an A+ definition: An Asian who fails at being Asian. e.g. An Asian who gets Bs in school.


Jokes aside, should we be concerned?

Growing up, I was forced to attend numerous enrichment classes and tuition for practically everything, and sometimes I would only be notified of a lesson a few hours it begins.

Chinese, Elementary Math, Additional Math, Science, Social Studies and Geography, even English too which didn’t last long because it was pointless. That’s all the additional classes I took throughout my Primary and Secondary education.

While these classes were helpful in some way, I felt overwhelmed. I recall faking illnesses and stapling my finger (might have been an accident, but my memory is not the best) just to skip one class.

P.S. Self-inflicted injuries are a little too much. 10/10 not recommended.

Throughout my academic journey, there were more downs than ups as I wasn’t the most studious person.

For that reason, I’ve had my fair share of failures and always dreaded collecting signatures from my parents for report cards and whatnot.

But regardless of my results, I’m glad all I received were endless nagging and the occasional encouragement to do better next time.

Some people are not so lucky though.

Like this (Bsian) boy.

Mom Lost It When Son Scored A “B” For His Exam

On 22 February 2019 in Luoyang, China, a mother left her son by the roadside after scolding and laying hands on him for not scoring an “A” in his exam. What’s worse is that this happened in public. Never air your dirty laundry in public. Naturally, passersby were alarmed and notified the police.

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