#FastFoodFriday: Long John Silver’s Ayam Penyet: It’s Like 2-Piece Chicken With a Large Bone

What do you associate Long John Silver with?

This fellow?

Image: PInterest

Or this…concoction?

Image: ljsilvers.com

Whether you’re a bookworm who’s stuck in the novel Treasure Island or a fast-food expert who’s tried all fast-food in Singapore and concluded that McDonald’s sour egg yolk loaded fries is the best fries ever, you won’t have expected this:

Image: Facebook (Long John Silver’s Singapore)

In case you still can’t believe your eyes, here’s the sentence that’ll cement this fact into your mind: Long John Silver’s has ayam penyet.

Yeah, the fried chicken dish that Singapore nor Malaysia dare to claim because it belongs solely to Indonesia. The fried chicken dish that CNN calls one of the “40 Singapore food we can’t live without”. The fried chicken dish that has gone high-SES with restaurants selling them because why not.

And now, the fried chicken dish that has become fast-food.

(By the way there’s also ayam panggang, but I don’t know what is that and don’t care).

(Okay, since we’re so informative, here’s what ayam panggang is: it’s the non-fried version of ayam penyet. You’re welcome.)

Long John Silver’s Ayam Penyet

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What a nice-looking app

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Since it’s #FastFoodFriday, what better way to end this workweek with this sinful dish that’s set to burn our tongue?

And so, we stole our boss’ credit card and here’s a review.

First Look

If you’re an ayam penyet fan, you’d know that the dish doesn’t just make you hungry; it’s perfect for Instagram as well, what with the large chicken thigh and sambal chilli that usually packs a punch.

Image: Dolly MJ / Shutterstock.com

And in Long John Silver’s marketing materials, it sure portrayed that point gao gao:

Image: Facebook (Long John Silver’s Singapore)

You can’t go wrong with that, right? It’s just like XiaoBeach73: no matter where you take the picture from, or what camera you see, it’ll turn out to be pretty, because XiaoBeach73 is the prettiest girl in Goody Feed.

But I guess there’s a difference between XiaoBeach73 and AyamPenyat19, because despite our photographer having a PhD in photographer and having 100 years of experience with DSLR, this is the best he could come out with:

So you get the gist: don’t bother Instagram-ing it. Not everyone is as photogenic as XiaoBeach73.

How does it taste then?

Taste Test

First of all, here’s an advice: don’t try to eat it with their plastic cutlery. It’ll be like drinking soup with a pair of chopsticks: the fork and knife cut the meat perfectly but with the large bone, you won’t be able to create the perfect cut.

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