Justin Bieber Getting Married After ‘Dating for 1 Month’

Image: metro.co.uk

Yes, my distant Beliebers, the man you all worship like a modern Jesus is going to be taken away, and it’s not even to Selena Gomez.

Instead, Justin is reported to have been engaged to Hailey Baldwin after one month of whirlwind courtship, following a previous dating period in 2016.

Image: news.sky.com
Image: harpersbazaar.com

…did he just steal Amos Yee’s look?

Image: Giphy

Yeah, we get it; it’s totally hard to digest. It’s like trying to eat a broccoli, and realising that you’re actually eating a cauliflower: it’s just impossible to comprehend.

But as such, we’ve derived the basic information, and dispersed them in a ‘Justin Bieber Gets Engaged For Dummies’ Style, so that you can get up to date with whatever your golden-haired Jesus is doing nowadays. So without further ado…

Let’s get the Bieber show on the road.

The Look

In order to have long hair and still look manly – oh, wait.

That’s not what you’re here for? Okay, moving on.


According to US entertainment website TMZ, eyewitnesses claim to have witnessed Bieber, 24, ask for 21-year-old Baldwin’s hand in marriage at a restaurant in the Bahamas on Saturday (7 July). And this is apparently what went down:

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