In 2 Years, Starbucks Wouldn’t be Providing Straws, Just Like KFC S’pore

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Here’s what I’d imagine how 2025 looks like: people are drinking direct from cups, dabao kopis would look like this (notice there’s no straw)…

Image: Xiangfei /

…and your kids would see this in museums.


And no, it’s not just part of my creative imagination: it’s going to be a reality, because now, even Starbucks has announced that by 2020, they would be ditching plastic straws in ALL stores.

Yeah, last I know, all means your favourite Singapore outlets would also be affected.

The move, according to Starbucks, would cut out about 1 billion straws a year. That’s a lot of straws we’re talking about.

The move was apparently motivated by requests from customers (did I ask for that?) and partners. The vice-president of Starbucks’ global social impact (wah, Starbucks got this kind of department?) says, “Not using a straw is the best thing we can do for the environment.”

Replacing the straws would be challenging since some drinks definitely require a straw to drink, unlike KFC that has mere typical drinks.

I mean, how the heck can you drink this without looking like a baby who’s just drunk his milk?

Image: M. Unal Ozmen /
For a drink like this, Starbucks would be replacing the plastic straws with paper-based straws, or straws made with compostable plastic – a kind of plastic that can be decomposed and broken down.

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