Kids Damaged Parked Car & Parents Just Strawberrified Their Actions

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What would you do if your kids go out and wreck someone’s car, and the owner of the car tracked you down and confronted you?

  1. You run away and move to Mars, hoping that you’ll never be found again
  2. You apologize and pay for the damages
  3. You apologize but think that it’s perfectly normal, because they’re just kids
  4. You apologize to the kids ‘coz they are the kings of the world
  5. You apologize to the owner, pay for the damages and cane the kids

A strong kid would usually have #5 as his or her parents, but two families decided to go with #3.

Because as long as you’re young, you can do anything you want without consequences. At least that’s what seemed to be the case, since this is a pretty one-sided story.

Kids Caught Playing on Car Like It’s a Toy Car

A Stomper decided to make his view known by providing Stomp with three strawberries.

Stomper Sim was just away from his car for thirty minutes in a condo in Bukit Batok, and when he came back, he found marks, scratches and fingerprints all over his white car, and also a damaged door sensor.

Lest you’re not aware, car doors are now very high-tech: certain new cars just require a hand next to the car door, together with the electronic keys somewhere (usually in the pocket, of course), for the car to unlock itself.

So Stomper Sim decided to do a Sherlock Holmes and checked his in-car camera.

Three Kids Were Doing Their NS Fire Movement Drills with the Car

Okay, not an NS fire movement drill, but they were holding water guns and playing with the car.

You can view the video here, but here are some of the actions captured:

  • A kid climbing and sitting on the bonnet, and then hitting it for no apparent reason
  • A kid pressing down the car as if to test its suspension
  • Kids putting their water guns on the bonnet and letting them slide down
  • A kid seemed to throw a water bottle at the car

Stomper Sim continued with his Sherlock Holmes and managed to get the contacts of the children’s families through the management.

Now, this is the juicy part when strawberries come into play. According to Stomper Sim, this is what he said

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