Yishun Resident Who Was Allegedly Harassed By Gangsters Uploaded Police Report Without Hiding His Personal Details

Image: Julius Chen Facebook Page

As Singaporeans would surely attest to, Yishun is home to many anomalies. 


Image: Stomp

Disappearing dolls…

Image: Stomp

A diverse range of murder cases…

Yeah, Yishun sounds pretty frightening. And it’s not even at night yet.

Recently, however, the ‘much-maligned’ town has been experiencing a break of sorts, with weird incidents taking a slight downturn (much to our entire office’s surprise).

But much like everything else…

A relapse was always gonna happen.

Yishun Resident Who Was Allegedly Harassed By Gangsters Uploaded Police Report Without Hiding His Personal Details

That’s right, people; you guys didn’t read the headline wrong. Yishun’s back, and this time it’s two anomalies, conjoined by one common phase:

  • Gangsters
  • Uploading of personal details without censorship

And in case you’re wondering, the incident first came to light on 31 March.

Tiger Boy

Julius Chen, who’s the Yishun resident in question, had uploaded a police report to the social media site Facebook alongside the caption:

“I just went to report about, what happened to me yesterday night. Please beware of this Blk 414, there are a lot of gangsters around, make sure you people don’t get extorted by a man, full of tattoos, and keep off from him.

And as mentioned, Chen did not bother to censor his personal details, despite the police report painting a story that seemed to require otherwise.

According to the report, a tattooed man, also known as “Tiger Boy”, had allegedly forced Chen to cough up S$100 a couple of years ago because Tiger Boy had apparently been offended by Chen’s face.

Erm.. what?

I Want My Money Back

Thereafter, on 30 March, Chen happened to come across Tiger Boy again at the coffee shop at Block 414, while cycling. This time, however, he decided to step up and get his S$100 back. While movie villains might be shocked by such a sudden change in behaviour (super Saiyans would call it a power-up), Tiger Boy doesn’t seem to be one such entity. Claiming that he was from the Ang Soon Tong gang, he proceeded to dial a number which resulted in six Indian men turning up at the coffee shop. One of the Indian men then allegedly called Chen crazy and threatened to punch him when the latter called the police.

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