Man Caught On Camera Laughing & Punching Skinny Security Guard At Roxy Square ‘Surrendered’ to the Mall After Video Went Online

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Video

How far are you willing to go for your job?

As far as possible? Or until the extent till your health is threatened?

Most Singaporeans probably belongs to the latter: after all, in Singapore, health is wealth.

But then comes along this security guard.

Big Caucasian Man at Roxy Square

On 5 April, a video of a dispute between a big, beefy Caucasian man and a skinny security guard was uploaded by infamous Facebook Page, All Singapore Stuff.

The video begins with the Caucasian man filming himself and a security guard, Mr Lim.

Lim tried to show the way to the exit but the Caucasian man stretched out the arm with the mobile phone and blocked his way.

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Video

The man then claimed that Lim “walked into his arm”.

Laughed & Mocked At Security Guards

When Lim indicated that his colleague was filming the entire incident, presumedly trying to get him to cooperate, he simply pointed and laughed at the camera.

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Video

Lim was heard telling the man that there were three exits in the carpark and they would help direct him out.

The man started laughing and spoke towards the phone about the guard’s claims.

One Punch Man

Then, the duo walked towards another part of the carpark. The man couldn’t resist calling Lim an idiot. As they turned the corner, the man struck his leg out and tripped Lim. When Lim told the man enough ah, he struck.

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