There Could Be a Hollywood Film About the Thai Cave Rescue Operations


Mission impossible was what many termed the Thai Cave Rescue Operations that gripped the world with its miraculous yet riveting story over the past 17 days.

Family, friends, Thais and foreigners banded and watched together with bated breath as the risky operation was carried out by a diverse group of international divers and Thai Navy SEALs.

12 boys (aged 11-16) and their coach were rescued in what many divers claimed was the toughest diving rescue operation in years.

The Wild Boar soccer team was first discovered by 2 British divers after the team was discovered to be missing on June 23rd.

You can read the complete timeline of the incident until before they were rescued here.

What followed was a heroic mission that inspired as much as it terrified

Divers guided the children from almost 4 kilometres underground by teaching them how to dive amidst murky waters and narrow tunnels.

Even as the constant threat from torrential rains posed possible unforeseen dangers and threats to the situation.


And the rescue team were faced with difficult choices. Bad ones, and worse ones. The team had to fight against mother nature itself to successfully rescue the victims.

A retired Thai Navy SEAL diver, Mr Saman Kunan, died during the rescue operation.

If you remember, there were several options the rescue team could make, one of which includes leaving the trapped group within the cave system until the rainy season ends.

Image: Straits Times

Luckily for both the victims and the one who made the call, it seems that they’ve made the right choice this time.

By teaching the children cave-diving, a dangerous discipline that only a handful of divers are certified to do in the entire world.

And guiding them out through the water.

And just in the nick of time

It was revealed that just hours after the last boy left the cave, the main water pump died.

Rescue workers and divers who were clearing up equipment deep in the cave system reported water levels rising rapidly.

“All these headlights start coming over the hill and the water was coming … It was noticeably rising.”

Workers immediately ran for higher (and dryer) ground and managed to make it out of the exit safely.

So heroic Hollywood is considering making a movie out of it

If you think the harrowing rescue sounds exactly like a movie blockbuster with epic proportions of courage, inspiration and thrill, you’re not the only one.

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Already, producers have expressed interest in adapting the story for the big screen. Michael Scott, the CEO of Pure Flix Entertainment, a faith-based production company, said, “I see this as a major Hollywood film with A-list stars.”

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