Soon, There Will Be Cameras Around S’pore to Catch Smokers

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Lest you’re unaware, Singapore has really been cutting (down on smoking) corners recently, with rules and regulations being implemented just about everywhere.

Indeed, it seems that Singapore’s finally waging an all-out war on our huff-heavy friends, with smoking now prohibited in an estimated 32,000 premises and locations, such as entertainment outlets, shopping malls, office premises, hospitals, schools, cinemas, bus stops, covered walkways, lift lobbies, stairwells and entrances to buildings.

How do you feel about that, smokers?

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But wait, that’s not all, seeing how there might soon be cameras around the island to help detect smoking in prohibited areas.

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You see, even Captain Picard is pissed off.

High definition thermal sensors

Image: Straits Times

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has intentions to situate surveillance cameras around the island with high definition thermal sensors to assist in the detection of smoking in prohibited areas.

But if you thought that smoking’s the only illegal act here, you’re wrong.

The handy cameras will also be able to capture other acts like spitting and littering, which aren’t exactly hygenic in a sense.

How does it work?

Cameras deployed in areas where smoking is rampant but banned will record images of the person, alongside the date and time.

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