Man Transferred $12K to Wrong Account & Couldn’t Get Back the Money Yet

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I‘m a brave man, but even I have three mortal fears:

My mum, the monster hiding under my bed and transferring money to the wrong account.

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But do you know what’s even worse?

Transferring a large sum of money to the wrong account and being unable to retrieve it.

But if you thought that’s just the stuff of nightmares, think again. An associate professor recently found himself stuck in that exact scenario…

And suffice it to say that it wasn’t a fun experience. At all.

What happened?

Mr Xu, 38, an associate professor at the Faculty of Science in the National University of Singapore, told Lianhe Wanbao that he had bought a Hyundai Elantra worth more than $80,000 from an automobile dealer, Komoco Motors, in August last year (2017).

As part of the transaction, he had to deposit a substantial amount of $12,690 either via cheque or a bank transfer. Opting to transfer, he went about the usual i-Banking routine when he accidentally chose the wrong account.

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“While I was choosing the account for the transfer, I accidentally selected the account of the travel agency, which also started with the letter ‘K’.

“Actually I helped a friend to transfer money to this agency a few years ago. I must have forgotten to delete the account later.”

But you know what makes things even worse? The fact that he didn’t realise anything was amiss. Having sent a screenshot of the transaction to the automobile dealer in question, he only realised his mistake when the dealer called him five days later about it.

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“I immediately called the police and also attempted to contact the owner of the account to ask for my money back. It has almost been 10 months but I have not gotten anything back.”

Financial difficulties

Following the mix-up, Mr Xu visited the travel agency (situated) at People’s Park Complex only to realise that it had already closed down. Fortunately, he managed to procure the number of the agency owner from some nearby shop, but he was then told that the owner was facing “financial difficulties”.

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