Cute Tsum Tsum Stackable Drawers Available in 7-Eleven Outlets in S’pore From Today (17 April 2019) Onwards

Image: 7-Eleven

Tsum Tsums are indisputably the epitome of cuteness when it comes to characters.

But they are also unequivocally expensive — whether we are buying the plush toys, keychains or figurines.

Thankfully, for broke people like me, 7-Eleven has the perfect solution for us to get a hold of the unbelievably adorable characters without spending a bomb.

What’s even better is its practicality.

What exactly does 7-Eleven have in store for us?

It is none other than the very thing that took Hong Kong by storm — Tsum Tsum drawers.

Source: 7-Eleven

Don’t belittle these miniature characters and drawers — its charm is in its size.

Small or big, we certainly will never be out of drawers to use — especially the ones that take up the least space in our cramped apartments.

Off the top of my head, I’d probably hide my sweets from my siblings in them, or use them to store my jewellery. Alternatively, we can always store trinkets that embody our memories in these cute boxes.

Okay, some of us may start questioning why stacked drawers are sold instead of merely a single large drawer. The secret is in the name — tsumu actually means ‘to stack’ in Japanese. That’s why the characters are so small, and why the drawers take after them.

Tell me your heart did not just melt.

Source: Tenor

If you are unsatisfied with just a drawer, don’t worry; 7-Eleven has got you covered. The knobs have a special kind of magic — you can actually twist them out from the drawers to form a legit Tsum Tsum.

That essentially means that you get both a drawer and a collectible toy to display.

Source: 7-Eleven
With this, your parents can no longer chastise you for buying unnecessary things. Furthermore, it’s a pretty solid and convincing argument with yourself that you actually didn’t waste your money. If you’re not already thinking of buying it, do it for the sake of that friend who is in love with Tsum Tsums.

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