Samsung Has A Vase That Can Be Thrown Like A Grenade To Put Out Fire

Image: YouTube

Alright, I get you.

You’re probably shaking your head and wondering what I’m smoking to come up with a headline like that.

You shouldn’t throw a vase. And a grenade shouldn’t put out a fire. Doesn’t it start one instead?

But hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

Because despite how unbelievable it sounds, there is such an item and it’s really thrown like a grenade.

Fire in the- Sorry, I meant FIRE OUT IN THE HOLE!

Samsung Firevase

According to The Verge, this Instagram-worthy vase was produced by Samsung’s subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide.

Image: YouTube

The outer chamber is filled with potassium carbonate, which can quickly cool and suppresses oxygen when it is released into the air.

There is also an inner chamber, which is smaller, that holds the water for your flowers.

How To Use:

Using this is simpler than fire extinguishers. In fact, every NS boy would’ve known how to use this since most of them need to go through at least one grenade throwing.

When the firevase is thrown like a grenade, it will shatter, expelling all the potassium carbonate contained within at one go.

Image: YouTube

Then, watch the magic as the fire is snuffed out almost immediately.

Are They For Sale?

Unfortunately, no. These firevases were actually created for a fire awareness campaign and were distributed to homes in South Korea. In South Korea, over 10,000 residential fires occur every year. It was estimated that if the houses had a fire extinguisher, and managed to put out the fire in its early stages, each extinguisher could save the nation one fire truck worth of water.

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