HK Singer Andy Hui Cried & Called Himself ‘Disgusting’ After Getting Caught Cheating On Wife Sammi Cheng

Image: YouTube (HK Apple NextMedia & 蘋果動新聞 HK Apple Daily)

Comedian Dayo Wong once praised the relationship between Hong Kong singers Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng, describing it as “Hong Kong’s last fairy tale”.


And the statistics speak for themselves too; in an industry fraught with short-lived marriages and casual relationships, the pair have somehow managed to defy all odds by sticking together for 21 whole years. 

Having gotten together all the way back in 1991, they ended things in 2004, only to get back together again in 2011. And this time around, it seems that the cupid has truly given his blessings, as the pair got married in 2014, a year after Hui proposed.


Indeed, Hui and Cheng’s relationship undoubtedly resonates of a modern-day fairy tale, and it’s no wonder Dayo Wong had such grandiose words for the pair’s relationship.

But it seems that like all fairy tales, the story would have to conclude eventually, though one would wonder whether the last fairytale will culminate in a happy ending…

Or a sad ending.

Caught with his pants down… non-literally

Just yesterday, Hong Kong’s Apple Daily News uploaded a derogatory clip onto its YouTube platform, in which Hong Kong singer Andy Hui and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong were spotted engaging in some ‘less-than-appropriate’ gestures.


And while that would’ve been entirely acceptable had they been a couple in their own right, it has to be mentioned that Hui is a married man and Wong an attached individual, the latter having gotten together with fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma back in 2017.


Suffice it to say; the clip, that featured Hui and Wong holding hands and kissing in the backseat of a taxi or private hire car before eventually leaving for the same location together, did not go down well with Netizens, and many lambasted the adultering pair with calls for them to leave the industry.

You can watch the video clip down below:

An apologetic affair

Hours after the ugly revelation bared its fangs, Hui held a press conference at a Hong Kong hotel, where he confessed to a dalliance with 30-year-old TVB actress and former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up Jacqueline Wong.

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