Muscular Shirtless Man Caught On Camera Hulk-Smashing BMW at Yishun

Image: Facebook (Crimescene Needhelp)

The other day, after months and months of persuasion, I finally conveyed my worst fear to my supportive colleague.

“Tell me, bro,” my colleague Bao said warmly. “I’m here for you.”

I swallowed, before looking him right in the eyes. “Don’t tell anyone else alright?”

He slapped me on the shoulder playfully. “My ears are only meant for your lips, bro.”

I swallowed once again before I let impulse do the work for me.

I-fear-that-one-day-a-muscled-dude-with-no-shirt-will-come-banging-on-my-car-like-The-Hulk! There, done.”

He looked at me. I looked at him. He looked for another second before coughing.

But dude… you don’t even have a car.”

“Yeah but… I might have one in the future-“

At that point, my boss burst out of his office, in the process intruding upon our bro conversation.

“Hey, have you guys heard of the Muscular Shirtless Man Caught On Camera Hulk-Smashing BMW at Yishun?”

I looked at the boss. He looked at me. Bao looked at me. I looked at him. They looked at me. I looked at myself in the mirror.


What happened?

If you’ve always had an irrational fear of muscular shirtless men forcefully banging you… r car, it’s time to stop reading this article because that’s exactly what happened.

Still reading? Well, I’ve warned you.

So on 13 April, Facebook page Crimescene Needhelp published a user’s appeal for information because his car has apparently been attacked for no reason.

According to the page, the culprit, a hulking, shirtless, muscly dude has been going around in a green rampage, damaging a BMW vehicle in one of his frenzied runs.

Posted by Crimescene Needhelp on Friday, 12 April 2019

And that’s not all either, as The Hulk has seemingly made it a point to commit to his ‘destroy everything’ philosophy. Apart from abusing government property, he has also smoked under an HDB block and littered in public. Welp, someone call the Singaporean Avengers already. Where’s that viral six-pack social media star when we need him?

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