Man’s Fingers Got Sliced Off by Kite String When Flying Kite During Extreme Windy Conditions

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As routine kite-flyers would surely attest to, kite-flying is a really fun activity to pass the time.

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Breezy, entertaining and impossibly thrilling, the wind-based activity has garnered millions of fans around the world.

“I love kite-flying so much that I would fly kites almost every day!” our colleague Bao, who has expressed his love for the activity on multiple occasions, said.

Yet, despite the hilarity and entertainment kite-flying offers, the fact remains that it can be a dangerous sport if played under the wrong circumstances.

“What?” Bao quipped. “Surely you’re joking; kite-flying’s dangerous? Hah, 1st April is long over man!”

Well, I’m not kidding. Apparently, two middle-aged men in the Jiangsu city of Nantong recently sustained severe injuries while flying a kite.

“Hah like what, a paper cut?”

Well, to put it into perspective, one had three fingers cut off while the other’s palm was nearly severed into two.

Image: Pear Video

Bao: “… hey, have I ever mentioned how much I love running?”

What happened?

According to a recent report by Shanghaiistthe incident had transpired eight days ago, on 9 April 2019. Having embarked on a dual kite-flying run, the two men decided to stop upon realising that a storm was approaching, and began reeling in the string.

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