Videos of S’pore Lawyer Hitting Staff Leaked Online; Lawyer Has Made a Police Report & Responded

Image: YouTube (Sam Beats)

If you’ve just read the headline and go, “Hey, didn’t that happened ten years ago? Or last year?”

Don’t worry, you’ve not somehow travelled back in time, because you’re not alone: when I saw the video, I’ve had the same question.

Then I realised something: whatever was leaked last year was merely an audio recording.

For some reason, just a few days back, someone managed to get hold of the video footage, and once again lawyer Samuel Seow is back on the news.

What Happened Last Year?

Lest you’ve forgotten, here’s a brief recap: An audio clip was leaked online, whereby lawyer Samuel was heard scolding a staff, and eventually led to the primary-school-style argument of “you beat me” “you beat me”.

Mothership.SG did a great transcript of the audio here, and if you’re free, go ahead and take a listen: you might just think that your fierce boss isn’t that nasty after hearing the entire conversation:

So, after the leak, it turned out that the employee was his niece, and that he had “acted in his capacity as an uncle and not as an employer”.

Didn’t know that uncle had the right to beat a niece, but anyways.

The niece, who was 19 last year, filed a police report. What’s even more interesting is that Samuel’s other company also filed a police report against the girl for storing sensitive information in her personal laptop and refusing to return it after she was terminated.

And then…everything turned 180 degree.

About a week later, both parties dropped their police reports.

What’s more, the girl even said that her actions were “misguided”, and added, “Mr Seow remains an important mentor and benefactor to me.”


The almost-too-perfect ending did not conclude as a few days back, a video footage of what happened last year was uploaded on YouTube.

Video Footage Leaked

On 25 April 2019, a YouTube channel called “Sam Beats” appears, and it posted a video that show what really happened.

The videos comprise sounds as well, and match the audio clip that was leaked last year.

There’s another video without audio showing him slapping a girl.

And so, Samuel has to respond again.

“Being an entrepreneur is never easy”

Well, very true. Our boss has cut BuffLord95’s mouth when he didn’t greet him in the morning, kicked XiaoBeach73 when she didn’t make eye contact with him and even punched my ears when I said that I didn’t hear what he said.

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