Boy Who Allegedly Went Missing for 38 Days Had Actually Left S’pore With His Mother

Using the reach of social media to look for missing people can be effective.

There have been several cases whereby people posted “missing person” images and found the missing person through the collective crowd-sourcing channel. In fact, even police worldwide are using this method to complement their search efforts.

And add to the fact that netizens tend to share these “missing people” posts to show how kind they are to help in any way they can, posts like these usually get viral fast.

But what if you’ve depended so much on this method and you’ve forgotten to use the most traditional method: asking your closed one where the “missing person” is? Or you’re so blinded by the desire to help that you didn’t even stop to think for a while?

This is exactly what happened recently.

Post of Missing Boy Went Viral

On Wednesday (8 May 2019), this post went viral.

And just so you know, the account is a new account created specifically for the missing boy—the name is of the boy and the profile image is of, you’ve guessed it right, the boy, too.

With a contact number of the father and a police report number, one can conclude that it’s real.

After all, there’s no incentive to lie about it, right?

Plus, with the fact that he has been missing for 38 days, there sure is a sense of urgency.

But Then, This Hero Appears

Someone then decided to do the right thing: instead of merely just sharing, she took the effort to search through SPF database for missing child and then emailed the school (most likely based on the uniform).

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