Uncle Secretly Took Photo of Girl Sleeping in MRT & Even Zoomed in For A Closer Look

Image: Facebook Page

It’s human nature to be attracted to anything pleasant to the eyes.

Just like how my eyes are naturally tuned to detect every “SALE” sign over the years – the red and white words, often in bold, scream “look at me!”


Image: Giphy

This explains why fashion models have to look their utmost best on visuals and people turn to cosmetic procedures to improve their physical appearance. This is also the reason why the beauty industry will never go out of business.

As with human nature once again, good-looking or well-endowed people are usually the head-turners. When faced with such a person, one can’t help but take a double or even triple take. The mind says no, but the heart wants what it wants.

While some enjoy the attention of others, there are those that think otherwise – this, we often forget.

Man caught ogling at taken picture of a girl

On 8 May, Wednesday, a Facebook page called Helloあsia Singapore uploaded photos of an old man who was caught snapping a photo of a girl seated diagonally opposite him.

What’s better, he proceeded to zoom in to get a better look at the unsuspecting victim.

Image: Helloあsia Singapore/ Facebook


The post which has since been circulated by more than a thousand netizens raises a few questions.

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