Uncle Alleged Actor Chua Enlai Caused a Violent Dispute After an Alleged ‘Hit & Run’ Incident in 2015

Image: Facebook (BW Cheong)

Now, before you even judge anything, do take note of this: this is a (very) one-sided story so far, and so unless Chua Enlai and his family have come out to explain their side of the story, treat this story as a lesson instead of making a quick judgement.

So here’s what happened: a Facebook post recently went viral, in which a Facebook user alleged that Chua Enlai’s father had hit him after an argument.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Chua is the guy from The Noose:

Viral FB Post That’s as Long as an Article

According to the Facebook post, which is accompanied by a video of the “attack” and an image, the Facebook user, Mr Cheong, was arguing with Chua’s father when Chua’s father turned aggressive and “used his body” to lunge at Mr Cheng.

Mr Cheng fell and was taken to the hospital.

The reason for the argument is unknown, but Mr Cheong claimed that they haven’t had been on good terms since three years ago, when Chua Enlai allegedly reserved into his car and drove off.

In fact, they were on such bad terms that physical fights nearly occurred between the two elderly.

Here’s the post:

Of course, you can watch the video and decide yourself if it’s indeed an “attack”…or just a Neymar.

So, What’s This Backstory?

Now, to understand more, you’d have to scroll through the profile of the Facebook user. The dispute started in 2015; apparently, it’s alleged that Chua has reversed into his car and drove off. After Mr Cheong’s insurance company filed a civil suit, it was determined that Chua was at fault.

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