Carrie Wong’s BF Seems to ‘Forgive’ Her; Some Celebrities Sided with Rebecca Lim

Image: Instagram (carriewst)

Back in my days when wild dogs still roam the streets, I’ve often quarrelled with my friends on mIRC.

After that, we’d sometimes remove each other’s “access” on channels we owned, but when we saw each other in school, it was like nothing has happened, and we’d return whatever access we’d removed online the day before.

Pardon this old man’s ignorance, but I’ve thought that anything online stays online.

If you want to say sorry, say it to my face. If you want to talk bad about me, use your mouth and say it to another person.

But with the recent fake news scandals all over the world, I know I’m wrong. And with the latest Carrie Wong + Ian Fang Instagram DMs leak, I’m convinced that communication, despite how important it is, can be influential online, too.

Just look at how people are communicating after this incident.

No mouth is required at all.

Lost Phone Led to Leak?

Before anything, here’s an interesting theory: there’s a possibility that the leak was due to a lost phone. In the messages, Carrie once complained about losing her phone, and it’s possible that a person who found the phone decided to leak it.

But of course, there are other theories, like a person filming the DMs when Carrie’s away from her phone, or that it was hacked, since there has been a series of phishing attempts to Mediacorp artistes.

Whatever it is, just remember to set a passcode for your phone and don’t ever anyhowly click on any link.

According to Wanbao, Mediacorp has declined to comment on whether they’re going to investigate the leak or take legal action against the leaker.

(Come on, Mediacorp, this is by far your best-est drama in so many years! Let it play out!)


Carrie Wong Apologised to Lawrence Wong Openly

So, it’s revealed that Carrie had privately apologised to Lawrence Wong after a leaked conversation showed that she has been badmouthing about him, despite saying in an interview that she’s his “big fan”.

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