Carrie Wong’s Boyfriend Released Statement Via Lawyer & Made His IG Public

Image: Instagram (borislin0713)

In case you’re not aware, the biggest news this week was the death of the grumpy cat.

And another big news? The leaked Instagram DMs between Carrie Wong and Ian Fang, and another leaked WhatsApp chat from Carrie Wong’s phone, which hasn’t been confirmed to be authentic so far.

Here’s a brief recap of this story so far:

  • Leaked Instagram DMs imply that Carrie Wong, who’s attached to a Taiwanese Boris Lin, is having a physical relationship with Ian Fang
  • Both clarified that the DMs were made in jest and that they were merely good friends
  • The leaked DMs also show them badmouthing about Lawrence Wong, an actor who’s taking over Aloysius Pang in a Mediacorp drama
  • Carrie apologised to Lawrence privately and via an Instagram post
  • Boris Lin commented on the post, stating that “I will always be on your side”
  • Another leaked video emerged, this time showing a WhatsApp chat between Carrie and a friend
  • In the WhatsApp chat, Carrie stated that she is torn between Ian and Boris
  • One thing to note is that Carrie has not responded to the WhatsApp chat, so its authenticity is still unverified

And today, Boris Lin, whose Instagram profile has been set to private ever since Carrie made their relationship public, spoke to the public for the first time.

Through a lawyer, no less.

Opened up Instagram

In a twist that no one saw it coming, Boris’ Instagram account is suddenly public.

With a public profile, we can also now see all his images, which comprises numerous images made with Carrie Wong, in both Taiwan and Singapore.

There are only 76 posts, so you can scroll through everything within a minute.

Image: Instagram (borislin0713)

And in his first post made today, he’s “speaking” through a lawyer in Chinese—and also it’s the longest post written.

Lawyer Speaking

I honestly can’t fathom out why a lawyer is involved instead of a PR firm, but anyways, here’s the post:

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