Carrie Wong’s BF & Ian Fang Suddenly Make Peace After Public Spat on Instagram

Image: Instagram (@borislin0713 & @ian_ianization)

I’m deciding on what to have for lunch later, so I posted a comment on my colleague’s Instagram post.

He then replied on the comment, saying that he would like cai png.

I replied with an image of cai png, because I don’t know whether he’s referring to the cai png stall in Enterprise Centre or in Unity Centre. The image is of a cai png I’d had in Unity Centre.

He gave me a thumbs-up, and ten minutes later, both of us stood up together.

He might sit just next to me, but come on: who still uses mouth to communicate?

Humans evolve, and evolution dictates that verbal communication is primitive. Communicating with Instagram is much more effective, and most importantly, the world would know that I’ve a friend, and I’m eating cai png.

If you think I’m boliao, think again.

Update on Ian-Carrie Saga

Lest you’ve no idea what this saga’s all about, here’s a recap copied from yesterday’s article. And for people who asked about my hamster yesterday…

…don’t worry, the rabbits are fine.

  • Leaked Instagram DMs imply that Carrie Wong, who’s attached to a Taiwanese Boris Lin, is having a physical relationship with Ian Fang
  • Both clarified that the DMs were made in jest and that they were merely good friends
  • My hamster gave birth to three rabbits
  • The leaked DMs also show them badmouthing about Lawrence Wong, an actor who’s taking over Aloysius Pang in a Mediacorp drama
  • Carrie apologised to Lawrence privately and via an Instagram post
  • Boris Lin commented on the post, stating that “I will always be on your side”
  • My cat vomited because it ate the fishes in my fish tank
  • Another leaked video emerged, this time showing a WhatsApp chat between Carrie and a friend
  • In the WhatsApp chat, Carrie stated that she is torn between Ian and Boris
  • One thing to note is that Carrie has not responded to the WhatsApp chat, so its authenticity is still unverified
  • Boris released a public statement via his lawyer on Instagram, stating that he’s on Carrie’s side and also opened up his Instagram account.
  • My dog kissed me for the first time
  • Ian Fang apologised publicly via his Instagram
  • Boris Lim posted a lengthy Instagram post, questioning Ian’s intention and sincerity in his apology and imply that Ian has been coming between him and Carrie
  • My neighbour’s rabbit came to my house to apologise (but I question his intention and sincerity)

In yet another twist that no one saw it coming, there’s a new development.

Ian Apologised on Boris’ post

You would have expected Ian to fight back with Boris’ aggressive stance. That would have been a better drama that’d eclipse Huawei news. But no; instead, he posted this comment:

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