Several Mobile Phone Shops in S’pore Declare Huawei Phones with ‘$0 Resale Value’

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Once upon a time, people went apeshit over Huawei P30 Pro.

The zoom is so good that rumours have it that some Huawei users have finally found Chang’e on the moon, though most of us used it to check out if our skin cells are still alive or not.

Ever since the shock announcement of Google’s ban on Huawei phones, however, Huawei’s world came collapsing, though we believe that it’s actually a good opportunity for them since they’d finally be able to use its own OS.

But of course, they’d have to weather the storm before the calm, and this is one of them: their phones’ resale value has dropped to $0.

Kind of.

Panic Selling on Carousell

Just a month ago, when the Huawei P30 Pro went on sale, it retails at $1,698 for the 512 GB version and $1,398 for the 256 GB version. The prices haven’t dropped in its official store from Lazada.


But if you take a look at Carousell, you’d see the same model being sold at about $1,000, and many users wanting to buy it at $800.

Panic selling by people, since headlines like this has been on our newsfeed recently?

Nevertheless, the experts (i.e. people who sell phones) have “spoken”, and it seems like there the panic is real.

Mobile Shops Not Accepting Huawei Phones…

…or maybe they’d accept it at $0.

A check on various independent mobile shops shows that they’re not accepting Huawei phones.


Are their concerns valid?

Valid Yet Not Valid

Businesses can’t afford to take unnecessary risks; it’s understandable that given the uncertainty of Huawei phones’ future value, they aren’t taking them in.

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