S’pore Couple’s Super Atas Wedding Allegedly Cost About $1.4 Million

Image: Channel 5

In the list of things a Goody Feed writer will never experience is spending S$1.4 million dollars on something just because.

In the list of things a Goody Feed writer will do is fantasise what being rich is like, and what it will feel like to slap money at everybody’s and my fat boss’s face.

Image: Tenor

(To be honest, being slapped by money probably feels good.)

A Wedding

I have to admit, I don’t know much about weddings and their costs. My dream wedding would include signing the contract and continuing on with our daily lives because weddings are just a scam created by marketers in the wedding industry. (sorry, gals)

But to some people, money isn’t really a concern, but a number on the phone screen.

That S$1.4 million I mentioned earlier? That’s the amount of money couple Rachel Wee and Ken Chen spent on their wedding.

It’s centred around Mermaids

Image: Channel 5

No, that Channel 5 at the corner of the picture isn’t the Singapore one, but the British one.

The wedding reception was held at the Carlton Hotel Singapore.

A dinner table would cost at least S$1,328 according to website Value Champion. They have about 600 guests.

People have different dreams, and while some people prefer to be a writer so well known they can sit in their underwear for work, for Rachel it is to be a mermaid.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid so why not on my wedding day?”

I’m not going to lie, that’s a magnificent dream.

Myself, my real dream is to become a Gundam and not a writer, but I wouldn’t have the balls (or money) to spend S$5,254 on just a 5-second show like this one:

Image: Channel 5

That’s her grand entrance popping out of a giant clam. There’s also the building of an aquarium just for the sake of taking photos.

Image: Channel 5

There’s also a segment where Rachel’s dad dressed as Neptune as part of the wedding and other dance routines.

Image: Channel 5
Image: Channel 5
Image: Channel 5

You can find a longer video of the wedding here.

The Moolah

For 5 second shows, it’s S$5,000. So what about something that lasts for the entire event, like the wedding dress?

Yeah, that. There are 6,000 Swarovski crystals on it. There’s no mention for what kind of crystals, but let’s just say that saving expenses aren’t part of the plan.


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Guess Who The Bride Is

If you’re like me, who walks around malls leeching free air-con in my army singlet and shorts, you’ll be seeing the hairdressing salon, Jean Yip, quite a bit.

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