#ThirstyThursday: New Onde Onde Potong Ice-Cream Review: Authentic & Worth Every Calorie

Ah, it’s the typical Potong ice cream that everyone’s sure to remember from childhood, in all its colourful glory.

Yep, these babies are definitely familiar to every Singaporean:

Image: iluvkingspotong.com

Imagine those, but now GREEN, like the Hulk.

GIF: Tenor.com

King’s, the brand that brought all of us much happiness when we were younger, has now released their latest stick of joy – Onde Onde flavoured Potong ice cream.

You can find these in supermarkets and hypermarkets all around the island going for a price of $1.20, similar to all the other Potong ice cream flavours and still affordable just like they were in the olden days.

And this makes it a perfect candidate for today’s #ThirstyThurday, because we know some of you quench your thirst with ice-cream.

Onde Onde…?

In case you’re a confused millennial who doesn’t really know traditional desserts all that well, onde onde (say own day own day, not to be confused with the spectacles shop) are small green glutinous rice balls with gula melaka filling covered in fresh grated coconut.

It’s a beloved Peranakan dessert that hailed from Java, and had somehow made its way to the Netherlands when Indonesian immigrants moved there and brought this intangible piece of culture along.

Look how cute!

Image: makan.ch

But how would these tiny green balls taste like in creamy ice cream form, a different way than how it’s usually traditionally made?

King’s Potong Signature Onde Onde Ice Cream

I only ever remember eating Potong stick ice creams in primary school on those days where they suddenly decide to be nice and give free ice cream to every student. It’s great and all, and you know how everything tastes better when it’s free, but I’m just someone who never preferred ice creams with local flavours over the flashy Cornetto or Paddle Pop, so I wouldn’t actively choose those when faced with a choice.

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