Girl Reportedly Has Hundreds of Undigested Bubble Tea Pearls in Her Body 5 Days After Having Bubble Tea

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Can I have a show of hand, please: which sane millennial who has an Instagram account and goes to Telegram regularly doesn’t like bubble tea?

No? That’s expected.

The teh-peng-mixed-with-black-tangyuan drink is bae for most millennials, though all of them know how unhealthy it is.

We’ve done a video on how bad it is, but I reckon that you DGAF:

“How unhealthy can it be?” BuffLord95 asks. “It’s not like when I have these drinks, the pearls would just appear in every part of my body, right? I’ll be perfectly fine as long as I hit the gym every day. That’s why you all call me Buff, right?”

Well, Mr BuffLord95…hold my beer.

Girl Reportedly Had Undigested Bubble Tea Pearls in Her Body Five Days After Drinking It

This might sound like a sensationalised headline to grab your attention and scare you into drinking Ice Mountain instead of Brown Sugar Boba Tea, but if the means justify the ends, then let it be.

In an even more sensationalised article titled “After Reading This Article, I’ll NOT DRINK Bubble Tea Again”, it’s mentioned that a 14-year-old girl hasn’t been shitting for five days after drinking bubble tea.

Apparently, she also suffered from abdominal pain as well.

A scan then revealed this:


Hundreds of Undigested Bubble Tea Pearls in Body

If you’d look closely, traces of small, circular objects were in various parts of her organs, from her stomach to her colon. And no, these circular objects aren’t in her lungs if that’s what you’re thinking. The doctor then asked the girl, whom we should name BaoBaoTeh, about her dietary habits.

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