Twice’s Tzuyu Went for Personal Vacation But Fans Still Found Her; Hotel Accused of Disclosing Location

Image: Twitter/TZUYU_WORLD

You definitely know Twice or have definitely heard one of their addictive songs before.

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As the famous K-pop girl group that left many teenaged girls dancing with their hands in T-shapes to the iconic TT, they’ve been very busy dominating the music charts every few months, with their crazy comeback schedules.

However, the girls aren’t robots – they do go on holidays to take a break from the life of an idol, as much as they love their job and their precious fans, or ONCEs.

Sometimes, though, fans can do things that others may not likey very much.

Well-Deserved Break

After their most recent and yet again successful comeback with the hit “Fancy”, the group has had time to take a break from their hectic schedules.

Tzuyu, the youngest of the group, went for a personal vacation with her family to Cambodia, where they also did charity work. Awww, how sweet!

As Twice is one of the biggest girl groups in Korea, there’s no surprise that many people in Cambodia would have recognised Tzuyu, especially as her beauty is something that’s hard to ignore.

Even though it was a personal schedule, many lucky fans who had the fortune to run into Tzuyu took photos and wefies with her.

And naturally, these photos and the news that she was currently in Cambodia spread to social media from fans who wanted to show off their encounter with Tzuyu.

Image: Twitter/Tzu_Deng

While that’s still fine if they had run into her out of pure coincidence, some fans took it to the next level to find and get up close and personal to the idol in Cambodia.

A Real Surprise

Some ONCEs managed to find out which hotel Tzuyu was staying in and proceeded to besiege the hotel, booking rooms there just to get close to where she and her family were. One male fan even bragged about how he got to stay in the room right next to hers.

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