Rebecca Lim Suddenly Followed People Back in Instagram, Including Ian Fang

Image: Instagram (limrebecca)

Anyone remembers the saga between Ian Fang and Carrie Wong?

No? You just remember some F&B chain that wrongly defines what a full family means?

Well, if so, here’s a recap.

  • Leaked Instagram DMs imply that Carrie Wong, who’s attached to a Taiwanese Boris Lin, is having a physical relationship with Ian Fang
  • Both clarified that the DMs were made in jest and that they were merely good friends
  • The leaked DMs also show them badmouthing about Lawrence Wong, an actor who’s taking over Aloysius Pang in a Mediacorp drama
  • Carrie apologised to Lawrence privately and via an Instagram post
  • Boris Lin commented on the post, stating that “I will always be on your side”
  • Another leaked video emerged, this time showing a WhatsApp chat between Carrie and a friend
  • In the WhatsApp chat, Carrie stated that she is torn between Ian and Boris
  • One thing to note is that Carrie has not responded to the WhatsApp chat, so its authenticity is still unverified
  • Boris released a public statement via his lawyer on Instagram, stating that he’s on Carrie’s side and also opened up his Instagram account.
  • Ian Fang apologised publicly via his Instagram
  • Boris Lim posted a lengthy Instagram post, questioning Ian’s intention and sincerity in his apology and imply that Ian has been coming between him and Carrie
  • Boris Lim and Ian Fang suddenly make peace on Instagram

And now, there could finally be a closure, because the other party that’s not so involved and yet pretty much involved has responded in Instagram through her actions.

大结局 of Ian-Carrie Saga

Nowadays, whatever you do on Instagram is very important.

When you see an image posted by your BFF, you’d better make sure you Like it, if not your BFF would come to this conclusion: you’re not “friend” enough.

And if you unfollow your BFF, it means you’re no longer friends in real life, too.

It’s almost like our Instagram actions are a reflection of real life.

And if so, Rebecca Lim’s latest action might show that she’s finally come in terms with the saga—if she’s even involved in the first place.


Before the leaked DMs, Rebecca, the rumoured bae of Ian Fang, has suddenly unfollowed everyone in her Instagram account.

That’s a big deal given that she’s an ambassador of several brands. I might not be an influencer or an ambassador, but I’m 92% certain that part of the deal is not just to be the face of the brand offline, but online as well.

Followed Back 36 People Out of 242

I’ve got to admit: I didn’t know who she followed prior to this saga. According to socialblade, she has initially followed 242 people before unfollowing all of them on 8 May 2019.

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