Jerry Yan Allegedly Still Loves Lin Chi-ling Deeply Even When She’s Now Married

Image: Discogs

In Sky Garden, a romance drama set in Taiwan, Xiaoming Si has been together with Shan Zhu for six years.

For some reason, they broke up in 2006, and according to rumours, they were still on an on-off relationship.

Xiaoming Si then dated Seanna, but broke off after two years.

Then in a twist that no one’s expected, Xiaoming Si told Seanna that he has never forgotten Shan Zhu: to him, she is the only woman in his heart.

Kind of like these scenes:

Touching? Crying already?

If so, you’d be even sadder to know that Sky Garden is based on a real story between Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-Ling.

Jerry Yan’s Love Story That Ends Badly

Lest you’ve not been coming to our app daily, you might have missed an article about Lin Chi-Ling: our imaginary girlfriend in the 90s, Lin Chi-ling, has suddenly announced her marriage online, breaking many of our fragile hearts. But nothing comes close to Jerry Yan’s pain.

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