Tycoon’s Daughter, Who’s Marrying a Younger Guy, Received a SGD$87m Property as a Gift

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It’s a customary practice for couples to go house-hunting, especially before their impending marriage, in order to secure a place of residence they can camp at after inevitably being kicked out of their homes.

“You’re married, you have each other, now get out of my house you freeloader for the last twenty plus years,” your parents probably shout at you.

But while that rule might apply to a large chunk of the world (me included), it doesn’t seem to adhere to this particular couple with a 7-year age gap between them.

And before you speculate anything, just know that for this particular couple, they have a really, really powerful financial backer supporting their marriage.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, should you have already speculated from the headline…

I’m talking about Stanley Ho, the Macau casino tycoon who reportedly gifted a HK$500-million (S$87-million) property to his daughter when she threw an engagement party over the weekend.

Image: South China Morning Post

Tycoon’s Daughter, Who’s Marrying a Younger Guy, Received a SGD$87m Property as a Gift

Ms Sabrina Ho and Mr Thomas Xin are tying the knot, but unlike generic couples, they’ll not have to go house hunting as per ‘tradition’.

Why would they have to, when Ms Ho’s father was only too happy to gift an entire HK$500-million (S$87-million) property to the couple?

Image: MOMOMARIOHO Instagram

After throwing an engagement party over the weekend, Ms Ho received a pleasant surprise from her father, and it didn’t end there.

Ms Ho, 28, who runs a company promoting arts and culture in Macau, and Mr Xin, 21, a Harvard student, were also gifted with HK$100 million (SGD$17.43 million) in gold and diamond jewellery from well-wishers, which in case you haven’t realised…

Is more than 90% of the world’s population will ever make in their entire lives.

Image: Giphy

For some reason, I’m getting a serious flashback of Crazy Rich Asians. Just me?

Probably not.


According to portal ETtoday, the couple will be staying in the United States as Mr Xin has yet to have graduated. Ms Ho’s also reportedly pregnant.

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