Tycoon’s Daughter Reportedly Received Over SGD$100m of Dowry from Her Husband’s Family

Image: Mario Ho Weibo

Crazy Rich Asians was certainly… crazy enough, considering how Nick Young’s family had enough riches to probably feed the entirety of Africa (I think).

But it seems that Nick Young might’ve finally met his match.

Or his matches, to be specific.

So if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you would know that Stanley Ho’s daughter, Sabrina Ho, had received a pretty lavish gift from her casino king dad in celebration of her engagement.

And while the majority of us, I’m sure, would’ve gushed at how lucky the guy was, considering how he was effectively marrying into a real-life Crazy Rich Asians family, it turns out that there’s yet another plot twist on the way:

The groom’s family would actually give Nick Young a run for his money too.

Image: Vulture / Meme Generator

When Crazy Rich Asians Meet Crazy Rich Asians

Sabrina Ho, who’s one of Stanley Ho’s seventeen kids, is engaged to her soon-to-be-hubby 21-year-old Harvard student Thomas Xin Qilong, and they plan to tie the knot next year in a grand castle-themed wedding in Portugal.

But before that, they had a traditional Chinese engagement ceremony to commemorate the occasion, and as expected it looked grand.

Really grand, actually.

Image: Mario Ho Weibo

But before you jump to conclusions and exclaim: “But hey, her dad’s Stanley Ho; what else do you expect?” I just have one thing to clarify.

Those aren’t the wealth of a dad to his daughter.

But the wealth of a groom’s family to their future daughter-in-law.

As it turns out, the groom’s family isn’t exactly shabby when it comes to financial wealth, and they’ve extravagantly presented their impending daughter-in-law with a reported NT2.4bil (S$100mil) worth of dowry.

One hundred million dollars.


Image: Mario Ho Weibo

An. Entire. Villa

According to Apple Daily, the dowry includes a villa worth S$86 million, as well as ridiculous amounts of jewellery and delicacies. Though one can’t help but wonder:

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