#ThirstyThursday: Wall’s Mochi Ice-Cream Review: Super Sweet & Super Expensive

I’ve a confession to make.

Goody Feed gave me some money to buy something for #ThirstyThursday, and my editor’s instructions were clear: “Buy something new that quench thirst.”

I took that advisement to the nearest 7-Eleven, and I got this instead:

Yes, it’s relatively new because it was released together with their Bingsu (we’ve written about it previously) in May but it certainly didn’t quench thirst.

My rationale for buying this?

It’s just so cute.

But at $3.80 per box, which comprises two Mochi Ice-Cream, is it worth the price and the calories?

Let’s find out.

First Look

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the packaging.

It’s not often that a dessert comes with such cuteness; but when I told them that each box costs $3.80, their face changes.

“XO ice-cream ah?” XiaoBeach73 asked.

“Got lots of protein for my muscles?” BuffLord95 wondered.

Apparently, what’s inside is just two tiny Mochis.

That means each of them costs a whopping $1.90—you can buy a loaf of bread with that.

“Maybe the taste justifies the cost,” the reasonable RocketGirl99 said.

And so, I took a bite, followed by two of my colleagues who stood beside me like two dogs waiting for their food.


In its description, it says it’s a “mochi and milk flavoured frozen confection with peanuts in a chewy mochi coated with soy powder.” My description of it is “it’s sweet and chewy.”

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