Pregnant Lady So Angry At Noisy Baby She Threw Burning Mala Soup at the Baby

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Admit it: no matter how cute a baby is, he or she will be noisy.

And nothing in the world can prepare you for the constant crying, demand for attention and, erm, hitting of spoon on table.

But when you’re pregnant, you should at least be prepared for a life-changing experience—since you’re going to face the little devil soon.

One pregnant lady decided that she’s not taking any of it, and she’s in hot soup.

Not before throwing hot soup at another baby.

China, The Place Where All The Exciting Things Happen

Okay, actually, it’s all because of maths because with a population of over 1.3 billion, you can expect the weirdest things to happen there.

And this time round, it’s a pregnant lady who shouldn’t have been a parent in the first place, because she’ll the prime suspect if a baby is found to be microwaved.

Over in Xiangcheng, Henan province, an 11-month-old girl was, for no reason (baby do things don’t need reasons one, my dear friend), hitting the table with a spoon in an unnamed restaurant on 11 June 2019.

A six-month-pregnant woman by the name of Ren (if her name is 忍, then the irony is really too damn strong) couldn’t take it and so confronted the girl’s mother, Yang.

But they’ve had an argument instead, and that didn’t solve the problem: both mother and mother-to-be stayed in the restaurant.

The food must’ve been good.

Ten minutes later, Ren then took a bowl of mala from a table and walked towards the girl.

And shit hit the fan.

Pregnant Lady Threw Burning Mala at Baby

In a move that you’d only expect from a movie, Ren threw the mala soup at the baby. It took everyone by surprise, and the entire incident was caught on the eatery’s CCTV.

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