After DM Leaks, Carrie Wong ‘Lost’ a Role That Was Planned for Rebecca Lim

Image: Branding in Asia Magazine & Instagram (@carriewst)

In recent weeks, everyone’s focused on Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, instead of Carrie Wong, the actress embroiled in a scandal that involved lots of Instagram DM leaks, lots of apologising and lots of “Instagram announcements”.

Long story cut short, someone took screenshots of her private Instagram DMs with Ian Fang, and it opened a can of worms:

She, an attached lady, was accused of having a relationship with Ian Fang, who’s rumoured to be attached to fellow celebrity Rebecca Lim.

Then Carrie’s boyfriend criticised Ian on Instagram, but they made peace soon after.

Soon, everyone knows who Carrie Wong is.

Unfortunately, while the publicity had propelled her name to be one of the trending searches in Google for a few days, the consequence had just arrived.

At least, a consequence that’s public.

Though, of course, no one admits that it’s due to the scandal.

Gong Xing Ji, a Drama That’s Set to Be Filmed Next Month

Gong Xing Ji is a drama about a celebrity and her manager. The manager would be played by Shaun Chen, and guess who was first being considered for the female role? Rebecca Lim. Yeah, the rumoured girlfriend of Ian Fang. Apparently, she hasn’t accepted the role due to a conflicting schedule. The role was then passed to Carrie.

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