‘New Version’ of Avengers: Endgame is Coming Back to Theatres With Additional Scenes Next Week

Image: Philippine Star

Do you know that someone has watched Avengers: Endgame a whopping 128 times?

Do the maths and you’ll realise he’s been in the theatres for more than 384 hours. That’s almost 16 full days.

What’s even sicker is that he’s still not sick of it.

I don’t know about him, but I can’t even bear to watch it one time (sorry, Marvel fans. Personal opinion.)

And this news seemed to be catered specially for him, because the film’s coming back to theatres…this time with additional scenes.

Avengers: No Endgame

The highly anticipated movie was out in Singapore on 24 April 2019; that’s about two months ago.

Suffice to say, it has already lost its momentum; a check on local cinema sites show that you can buy a seat still have the seats beside you for free—though there are still some seats that are occupied lah.

But soon, the tickets might fly off the shelf again after the Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, said something in an interview.

During Spider-Man: Far From Home press junket in London, the head of Marvel Studios told Comicbook.com that Avengers: Endgame is “reentering” the cinema with extra scenes that weren’t in the first release.

We are doing that,” Feige. “I don’t know if it’s been announced. And I don’t know how much… Yeah, we’re doing it next weekend.”

A Few Surprises as Well

In a separate interview with Screen Rant, it’s confirmed that it’s not an extended cut, but a “few surprises”:

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