Influencer in China Streamed Her Wedding Live & People Expressed She Looked Very Different

Image: YouTube

Nowadays, anyone can look good on camera. Like literally anyone.

Image: Marketing Week

After all, technology has advanced to such a stage that we can hide our blemishes, insecurities and bad angles, all with the tap of a finger.

Filters. Photoshop. Lighting. You wanna look good on camera? You have it.

Image: Know Your Meme

But even so, it should be mentioned that at the very end, what you see in real life, and what you see on camera, are two very different things. And no matter how you choose to believe otherwise, one’s going to be real…

And the other’s going to be ‘fake’, as these Netizens come to realise during an influencer’s live-streamed wedding session.

An influencer in China Streamed Her Wedding Live & People Expressed She Looked Very Different

In a 0:59 second Youtube video that has since gone viral, an influencer’s looks have come under intense scrutiny as Netizens compared her real-life exterior to her usual self on camera.

Image: 從台灣看見世界的故事 Youtube channel
Image: 從台灣看見世界的故事 Youtube channel

In the clip, the narrator also talks about how the influencer in question seems to have weird-looking double eyelids, and how she looks like her entire face has gone under the knife.

A far cry from her routine, filtered self, the narrator added.

Bridesmaids On The Same Boat

Also, the scrutiny has actually extended to the motley bunch of Internet-famous bridesmaids turning up for the occasion, with the narrator pointing out that some of their eyes seemed to have become “smaller”.

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