Carrie Wong’s First Interview After DM Leaks Reveals She’s No Longer in Contact with Ian Fang

Image: Instagram (carriewst)

Everyone’s now focused on Carrie Lam; but anyone remembers Carrie Wong?

While the Carrie Lam’s story has a big impact in society, Carrie Wong’s story is merely for busybodies who want to know what’s happened since the big DM leaks that have all of us changed our Instagram password.

And if you’re a busybody like me, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an update to the Carrie Wong saga—and it turns out that she’s apparently cut all ties with Ian Fang.

Though you’ve got to admit: if I were a casting director, I’ll hand-itchy and cast them together. It’ll do wonders for viewership.

Here’s what happened.

A Revelation That’s Not on Instagram

Lest you’ve forgotten what happened, here’s a very concise explanation of what’s conspired so far:

  • Leaked DMs suggest that Carrie and Ian are in an intimate relationship
  • Carrie’s boyfriend, who has been keeping a low profile, came to her rescue and criticized Ian
  • Ian apologised and ta-da: everything’s over as everyone’s made peace

Everything happened on Instagram: the criticism, the apology and whatever communication you’ve read online.

But for the first time, Carrie’s out and spoken for the first time to the press.

In her first publicity event (to promote the new drama My One in a Million) since the scandal, Carrie didn’t shy away from the scandal.

She said that she’s no longer in contact with Ian, and admitted that the scandal had affected her. She added, “A lot of things were affected but the most important thing was to complete the tasks at hand and finish it well.”

Ah, so she’s not those millennial who can only communicate with text message lah, like this girl:

But anyways.

Boyfriend Supportive Throughout

If the Instagram posts weren’t clear enough, Carrie’s now confirming it: she claimed that her boyfriend, Boris, had been supportive.

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