Fans Are Now Urging Kenneth Ma to Date Natalie Tong After Ma Publicly Declared He’s Done with Jacqueline Wong

Image: The AU Review

It’s official. It’s finally official.

After months and months of speculation, deliberation and whatever-tion, Kenneth Ma has voiced the seemingly inevitable: he has reportedly broken up with his cheating ex, Jacqueline Wong, and he did so in the worst way possible:

Dumping her in the friend zone, where she belongs.


In an interview with Hong Kong paper Oriental Daily, Ma reportedly replied this when asked if he’s still in contact with Wong:

“We are friends, I feel that everyone has overreacted slightly over the matter. It’s difficult to pinpoint blame in a relationship, there is no need for everyone to react so strongly, no need to attack her [Wong]. She also knows that she’s in the wrong, but who hasn’t made a mistake before?”

And to add salt to the wound, he reiterated the ‘death sentence’ when asked about possible collaborations with Wong in the future.

“Ok! I don’t mind, I’ve already said that we are friends, and she’s not my father’s murderer, no need to blow up relationship matters,” he said.

Well, I guess somewhere in the friend zone, a hand’s twitching. Badly.

But hey, it seems that like everything else, the break-up has become old news.

And consequently the Netizens have moved onto the next logical talking point:

Should Kenneth Ma look for a new flame to nurse his heart? And if so…

Who should it be?

Fans Are Now Urging Kenneth Ma to Date Natalie Tong After Ma Publicly Declared He’s Done with Jacqueline Wong

Yes, folks, Netizens have designated a ‘suitable’ date for Kenneth Ma, and who more appropriate to nurse Ma’s aching, breaking heart than actress Natalie Tong, who plays his onscreen ex-wife in ongoing TVB serial Big White Duel?

Image: Big White Duel Instagram

Noting that the pair looked compatible on screen, Ma, dubbed “a good catch”, and Tong, “the best possible girlfriend” were naturally matchmade together by eager fans.

But of course, like everything else, reality doesn’t quite work that way.

Because apparently, they’re like brother and sister in real life.

Image: Tenor


According to Ming Pao Daily Newsthe two actors were informed about netizens’ reactions by the media while they were promoting the television serial on Sunday (7 July).

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