The Horror Story Of a Real Bubble Tea in M’sia That’ll Trigger People’s Trypophobia

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What is Trypophobia?

It’s an irrational fear of irregular patterns of holes or bumps, and although it’s said to be a fear, the reaction is a bit more like disgust.

But today’s story is a little more than that. It’s a story about human stupidity and foresight.

We’re not really here to trigger your hidden fears, so here’s a warning.


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Still here? Alright. You asked for it. Sit down, and listen to tonight’s very scary story.

Asian Horror Stories: The Bubble That Doesn’t Pop, A Recap

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. The events, characters, and firms depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual firms, are purely coincidental. The real story is just a ChaTime employee dumping tapioca pearls to the brim and gets a mix of comments with 1 mentioning trypophobia.

Previously, kids dressed up as Bubble Tea for their Halloween costume.

Image: 世界超級無敵宇宙級笑話天堂 Facebook Page

It wasn’t scary, oh it wasn’t. It looked like such an innocuous move. Haha! So cute! What’s so scary about Bubble Tea? Everybody laughed. But little did we know, it was a warning.

Those kids saw something. We just didn’t see the signs back then.

Then CNA came up with a video on the amount of sugar in Bubble Tea. We only focused on the views. The views! People talked about the sugar, but no one cared. Sugar levels are just a number, they said.

Bubble Tea was literally holding knives at our throats, and we simply didn’t care enough. We were willing hostages at this point.

They got closer each passing day. We went from drinking to always wanting them by our side. We worshipped them and placed them by our beds as shrines. It’s a lamp they said. It’s only $16 they said.

Image: Smoko

But it went beyond the bed and we started doing explicit sexual activities with Bubble Tea. We didn’t just do it in secret. We were so willing we even shared it to the world.

It was such an achievement that other people did it and started a sharing chain.

Image: creamcandy123/ Twitter

Our shame was all over social media, and no one could stop what was going to happen.

No one was willing to.

Then it happened. A girl was actually pregnant with bubble tea. That’s when we got a little scared.

Holy shit! This was what we’ve been doing to ourselves?

But it was already too late. And most didn’t even budge.

Asian Horror Stories: The Bubble That Doesn’t Pop, Episode 6?

The bubbles. They won’t stop growing. They were everywhere. It went from just 20% of the cup to 100% of the cup. (True story is a Chatime employee abusing her complimentary drink privileges, posted on Facebook group ‘subtle Asian traits’, goes viral with 1k shares and 21k reactions. Some comments want that, some say it’s a disgrace to bubble tea, one said it’s trypophobic.)

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